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united we stand

United We Stand

diversity, inclusion, and queen city concepts

In the wake of current events, we all have the opportunity to state our thoughts and feelings about this beautiful country of ours. This melting pot. This lovely and large piece of land that we all share as Americans – which we share with each other and the world.

don’t be ruled by fear

I will keep this brief, but let me say that there is no way that we could do the projects that we do if we allowed ourselves to be ruled by fear. We are able to tackle what we do because we deliberately break the system apart, and hold each aspect in our hands. We unravel the steps. We do inventory.

Despite the fact that many people would be afraid of what we do, and further try to discourage us because of their own personal fear, we examine the reality – we take all of the pieces and we analyze them. It’s like counting the cans of soup on the wall.

We at Queen City Concepts actively reject baseless fear and propaganda. We understand that our role as Americans in the International community is to be a stabilizing force, and a leader in the world community, just like we strive to be that in the world that we occupy. For our workers, for our buyers and sellers, for our neighbors, for our friends, and for our fellow business owners in this beautiful valley.

courage and abundance

We believe in courage and abundance. We believe that there is enough for all. We believe that it’s always the right time to make a humanitarian choice, and we take pride in this as being a way of life. It is our company culture. It is the way we are.

We embrace diversity, and we will continue as a company, and as individuals, to reject fear-based doctrines and any policies – internal, local, national, or international – which would limit the level of love that we can express for our neighbors. No matter what they look like, what language they speak, and where they come from.

speak out

We firmly believe that this is the land of opportunity and that the propaganda that is being delivered to make us afraid is incorrect factually, and detrimental to the health of our communities, both local and larger.

We will continue to speak out and resist racist policies, and will never discriminate based on race, sex, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

We feel that all businesses should take the time in this current climate to speak out in support of inclusion and appreciation for this amazing country, and what she stands for.

We appreciate all the brave women and men who have served to defend our freedoms of expression and opportunity and believe that the best way to pay homage is to speak in solidarity with our sisters and brothers struggling to keep the fear-mongering out of our everyday lives and to love all of our neighbors. All of our neighbors.

We are kind. We are courageous. We are informed. We are intelligent. We are proud Americans, and we are not afraid.

Thanks for reading.

United we stand.


Heavily active in and around my hometown of Charlottesville, as well as beautiful Historic Staunton/Augusta where I currently reside. I'm a huge fan of the enjoyable transaction, and aim for creating them in all aspects of my life.

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